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My Fellow Mopar Gear Heads,

Introducing our NEW line of Solid Roller Lifters for Big/Small/Hemi blocks. These NEW lifters are the top of the line in terms of design, metallurgy, fitment, fit and finish, durability and best of all PRICE ! Read along to find out all there is to know about these great NEW lifters for the MOPAR crowd. You simply will not find a better solid roller lifter for the price. Beware of the low quality, poorly designed cheap lifters that are out there. Our lifters are CAD designed and have been test fit into many blocks to ensure proper fitment. They are race track and Dyno proven to be winners!

SBM Pro Sport MSRP $604  Available in Standard Pushrod Seats

BBM Pro Sport MSPR $593  Available in Standard Pushrod Seats

BBM Pro Plus   MSRP $763-$785  Available in Standard and Offset Pushrod Seats 

SBM Pro Plus   MSRP $777-$787 Available in Standard and Offset Pushrod Seats
Any Pro Plus lifter can be upgraded to a Bronze Bushing for $250
Thats right, Small Block Mopar Solid Roller Lifters with offset intake pushrod seats!

In Stock and Ready to Ship, Price does not include shipping


Pro Sport Series

Lifters feature increased diameter oil band for maximum rigidity. Roller bearing pocket is designed for excellent shrouding of the roller bearing, providing strength and stability with smooth rounded edges that minimize lifter bore wear. Feature .750" roller

Pro Plus Series

Lifters feature 4-column design for ultimate strength and rigidity while minimizing mass. Deep roller bearing pocket provides maximum roller bearing shrouding, maximizing rigidity and thrust surface area with smooth rounded edges that minimize lifter bore wear. Feature a .815" roller for Max Performance!

Key Features That Make These Lifters The Best On The Market

Triple Alloy Steel Billet Lifter Bodies machined on state of the art CNC equipment.

Machined with "One & Done" concept for ultimate relational accuracy of all part features.

Superior 3D CNC programming removes sharp edges that scrape and damage lifter bores.

Heat treated for Maximum strength, hardness and straightness in ISO certified furnaces.

Precision Ground Bodies for proper fitment in aftermarket and stock lifter bores.

Link Bars made of hardened, high strength, and high ductility Nickel-Chromium Alloy Steel.

The fully hardened alloy steel button is secured with a non-removable, high strength, fatigue resistant rivet.

Premium Alloy Steel Needle Roller Bearings feature crowned outer rings, micro-polished and micro-sorted roller needles, hardened and nitrided bearing steel axles.

Pressure fed oiling provides continuous oil to the axle and roller bearing.

Additional reliefs on each side of the roller slot allow engine oil from the cam lobe face to lubricate the needle rollers.

Edge Orifice design push rod oiling won't clog and rob upper valve train of engine oil. This feature can be modified to increase oil flow to the top.

All lifter bodies will clear both stock and aftermarket .300" tall lifter bores.

Custom modifications are available.

100% Made in the U.S.A.
Some examples of our work and how its evolved over the years. Here we will show you how we have taken a base engine that we have been doing for quite a few years, tweaked it here and there to get more power, more driveability and more reliability.
The year was 2007
Mopar 408 Small Block Stroker
This is a basic engine that we have built for years. It started out as a real good running engine and had respectable power for its day. Making 465hp and 500tq it was no slouch. But its days were numbered as we found new ways to make power. But its not all about the power alone. It had to be reliable and more and more people wanted better street manners. So we had to really think about what we were doing to get this right. More power and better street manners? Thats not easy.
Jump to 2009
So now we learned a few things. Lighter is better, but only if its stronger. So we started using lighter rods and pistons that are stronger than the heavy components we were using. We also wanted a better way to control the oil in the pan. Out goes the MP windage tray, Hello Milodon windage tray. Another thing we wanted better control of was the cam timing. Cloyes has us covered with the timing chain tensioner. Power was up, now around 485hp and 515tq. But we were still a little lacking in the driveability. It was getting better, but you guys wanted more. Always with the MORE! Thats ok I love a challenge!
Jump to 2013
Now things are coming together. We have some new chamber mods, new porting techniques, better cam designs, better distributor curves to make some good reliable power. We have also found some real gains in Anti friction coatings that seem to really be making a difference. In this engine we coated the piston skirts, piston pins, rod/main/cam bearings, cam journals, oil pump, oil pump driveshaft and gear, rocker shafts, pushrod ends and valves. Another one of the big gains we found was in cylinder prep with honing techniques and ring seal. Back in the day, it took 4-6 dyno pulls for the rings to really take a good seat. Now they seat on the first pull! We have seen gains from was oil control, again. We are using the Kevko oil pan and saw a direct increase in power. These pans have a lot of "Trick" components in them and seem to work very well. Now for the power. Same 408ci, same compression, same basic head as before with flow numbers slightly better with bigger gains in the .200-.400 lift range. Now we are making 520hp 520tq. And here is the kicker, we are doing it now with around 6-10* LESS duration in the cam with a few tweaks to the LSA and installed center line. This means the all mighty driveability is here. This 408 idles with a light lope at 750rpm and is pulling 15 inches of vacuum. Before, all those years ago, we had to idle them at 950 and were feeling lucky to get 9 inches of vacuum. So I ask you, where do we go from here? Stay tuned!!!!!!
*NEW* Solid Roller Lifters From MRL Performance
The Best Lifter For The Money, PERIOD!!!

Back to the Future! 2015 is a dawn of a new era. 
We have made some real progress on this setup. After doing dozens of them, tweaking along the way this is the New Standard of Mopar Power! Same cam as before, our hydraulic roller cam with 239/243 duration at .050" lift. Valve lift is .550/.560". Compression is 10 to 1. All the same as before. Same heads, same pistons, rods, crank. Now for the CHANGES! We have some new chamber mods that are doing well. So well in fact that we now are running 4-6* LESS timing than before. That's a good thing. It shows we are running with a better flame travel. The other BIG change on this combo is the addition of a FAST EZ EFI 2.0 T-body injection system, with dual sync dist and full ECU timing control. This is the ticket. Its all in the results. 547HP and 562TQ!!!! Yes 560+ torque out of a MILD streetable SBM setup. Still want more? Ok. Stay tuned, as this combo has even more in it.
Plenty of oil to the roller for needle or bushing style bearing. All PLUS lifters have this oiling. Big and Small Block.
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